Dues & Fees

Effective July 1, 2017



Family $2,350
Chai Society $3,172
Double Chai Society $3,990
Triple Chai Society $4,818
Individual/Individual Parent $1,175
Junior (both under 31) - Family $  615**
Junior - Individual (under 31) $  235
Senior (both 65 or over) - Family $2,350
Senior - Individual $1,175
Associate* $  565

*must belong to another synagogue


All Members $  120



Sunday School (Kindergarten) $  300 per child
Hebrew School (1st Grade) $  675 per child
Hebrew School (2nd-5th Grade) $  975 per child
Hebrew School (6th-7th Grade) $1,400 per child
(Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring included)  


(Tuition credit of $15 per additional child enrolled after the first child.) 



Family Membership, after a one-year grace period for

new members, $800 per year for eight years.                                      $6,400 

 If paid by the end of the first year of membership:                              $5,248 


Individual Membership, after a one-year grace period 

 for new members, $400 per year for eight years:                                $3,200 

 If paid by the end of the first year of membership:                              $2,624 


Junior Family (both under 31), Obligation deferred                                       

 until one spouse attains age 31 


Junior Individual (under 31), Obligation deferred                                             

 until age 31 


PAYMENT SCHEDULE:                

Unless otherwise agreed to with the Executive Director: 100% Religious School Training by Sept. 1; 

50% Membership by Sept. 1; 25% Membership by Jan. 1; 25% Membership by April 1; 

25% Annual Building Maintenance Fund paid each quarter. 


It is the policy of Congregation Etz Chaim that no one be denied membership for financial reasons. If for any reason you cannot afford full dues-paying membership or would like a monthly payment schedule, please contact Marty Gilbert, Executive Director, at [email protected]


*No building maintenance.     **With no children over four years of age. 

Etz Chaim is...

Congregation Etz Chaim is a progressive, egalitarian Conservative synagogue that provides meaningful Jewish experiences in a welcoming, engaging environment.  We offer:


Inspiring religious services
Educational, social, and cultural activities, serving multi-generational needs
A caring community that supports each other through both joyful and challenging life cycle events
Connections with the broader community and opportunities for Tikkun Olam...

Our intention, in all activities, is to provide an environment of warmth and an opportunity for personal growth. We celebrate together, we pray together, and we learn together, making Etz Chaim truly a home away from home. 


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Come and get involved with your community!

We need 1) A Shabbat Greeter; 2) Social Action volunteers! Contact Joe Freeman



Looking for a Conservative Synagogue?
Please join us for Shabbat Services!
New and prospective members are always welcome!

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