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"Shame on you"

02/27/2020 03:35:10 PM


Rabbi Dan Dorsch

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be attending AIPAC’s policy conference this coming Sunday. I support AIPAC not only because an otherwise divided Jewish people is brought together on an issue of common love, but because the security of the State of Israel and its sacrosanct relationship with America remains perhaps the last issue in Washington where there appears to be a real consensus.
Every year I attend the policy conference, I leave inspired and wondering: “Wouldn’t it be great if those two polar opposite politicians sitting on that panel together about Israel’s security could come together on other issues?” In this respect, AIPAC leads the way in bipartisanship.
I am equally proud to be associated with AIPAC because of its role in bringing together people from varying backgrounds and faith communities around the unifying issue of support for Israel. In a recent statement, AIPAC hailed its successful efforts at bringing “Democrats, Republicans, Jews, Christians, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, progressives, Veterans, students, and members of the LGBTQ+” community into its fold. Attend an AIPAC event, whether in Atlanta or Washington, and you will see the spectrum of American life and faith communities well-represented.
I am delighted that nearly thirty-five of my fellow Etz Chaim-ers have made the financial and spiritual commitment and will join me in Washington, D.C. for what promises to be an outstanding gathering. We will educate ourselves, network, and exercise our constitutional right to lobby our elected representatives.
Unfortunately, in today’s hyper-partisan world, we live in a world where no issue of consensus remains holy: Not even support for the safety and security of our family members living in Israel.
Needless to say, I deplore anyone who would seek to turn support for my family’s security into a political football to score points under any circumstances.
Shame on you.
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Fri, April 3 2020 9 Nisan 5780