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Packing up after Passover

04/23/2020 05:01:11 PM


Rabbi Dan Dorsch


Along with our Passover dishes, each year we gather some of the non-perishable leftovers and put them into enclosed crates in the basement. Nothing too gross: some unopened packages of cake meal, soda, tuna fish (am I really going to spend another four dollars on kosher for Passover tuna next year?), spices, and soup mix.


However, as I was packing up the crate this time around, I found myself having a flashback to Y2K. Remember those crazy times? When we thought our planet would be destroyed from a glitch caused in a digital clock? At the time, my mother also brought packed cans of tuna fish and other non-perishables and put them into a crate in the basement. Reflecting on this memory, it dawned on me that should a Y2K or something worse than the coronavirus come in the future, that this Passover food would be our emergency food supply: our food of last resort.


There are two Jewish theories about when the Messiah will come. The first is that the Messiah will come when things have gotten so apocalyptically bad that he will need to save the day. Alternatively, he may also come along with Elijah when we open the doors of our homes on Seder night only once we have built a society worthy of his arrival. Either way, it looks like when he comes I’ll be eating Kosher for Passover.


Either way, it looks like when he comes I’ll be eating Kosher for Passover.

Wed, June 3 2020 11 Sivan 5780