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The Rabbi and Facebook

01/02/2019 02:26:47 PM


Rabbi Dan Dorsch

Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ reentry into the playoffs last Sunday, I posted on Facebook: “Those of you who know me, know that I am not a religious man, but say a prayer for Nick Foles.”
Most people, I expected, would understand the irony--coupled by no small degree of snark--behind that statement. I hope it goes without saying that I do in fact consider myself to be a fairly religious man. I daven with regularity, perform mitzvot, and do my best to be a baal tzedakah, a charitable person.
Yet what was absolutely remarkable about my post was the sheer amount of discussion that my comment generated. A former congregant from New Jersey asked, “A rabbi not religious?” An old USY friend asked, “Aren’t you a rabbi now? Do you operate a Humanistic synagogue?”
There is much discussion among rabbinic circles about how we use our social media profiles. I am saddened to say that some of my colleagues--funny enough, usually older ones close to retirement--waste away hours of their day in chronic oversharing, posting or spending time online. One particularly guilty colleague would post multiple times a day over RAV-NET, and in a moment of clear frustration wrote, “How do I get more members for my congregation?” It was only out of sheer compassion that I didn't send him this note: “Take the hour you spend on RAV-NET and take someone new out to coffee instead.”
Most of the time, on my social media page, you will see me share a synagogue program in the hopes of generating interest. I may also post a Jewish related current events article.
However, if we are friends on social media (and if we are not, please Facebook friend me so we can be), you should also be prepared for the moments when I am not only a rabbi. I am also a dedicated Philadelphia Eagles fan. And a Dad. Or an Uncle.
You may also see an occasional family photo we may post so that our relatives living outside of Atlanta know we are still alive.
You've been forewarned: That Dan Dorsch fellow can also be a bit snarky. You may want to get used to seeing that from time to time too.
Mon, May 20 2019 15 Iyyar 5779