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Theology of a Cupcake

03/27/2019 10:03:31 AM


Rabbi Shalom Lewis

I wandered into the office in search of a late afternoon nosh and to my pleasant surprise there was a tray of cupcakes. I took one with white icing and sprinkles but as a waist line compromise, decided to eat only the cake and not the gooey, sugary topping. And so, I stood over a nearby trashcan attempting to slide off the offending icing with one finger while gripping the bottom of the pastry. In my attempt to be respectful of both arteries and belly the entire cupcake tumbled into the receptacle, hitting bottom with a crumbly thump. Was that episode born of clumsiness or divine intervention? Was I simply a maladroit or was the Good Lord telling me I did not need to eat that caloric, carb infused treat? If the former, then I place the blame on myself. If the latter, it is immensely flattering to know that God cares about my diet and my wellbeing. I’ve had similar experiences in the past where a natural event with a whiff of the supernatural stopped me from doing something wrong or foolish or harmful. Is it benevolent coincidence or heavenly intrusion? I’d like to think I have God on some sort of holy retainer, but I know better. In any event, it’s not the source of the warning but how we respond. We can theologize our circumstances or accept them as instructive, coincidental reminders to do what is right. It is comforting to believe we have a personal connection with a caring God, after all, the voice on our GPS system does no less. Yet, I wonder, aren’t there more important things for the Almighty to be concerned with? In the end, I did not replace the fallen cupcake with another. Guilt? Maturity. God? I’m still working on it.



Mon, June 1 2020 9 Sivan 5780