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Berashis - to the moon

04/11/2019 09:56:58 AM


Rabbi Shalom Lewis

On April 11 an astonishing event will occur that will call for rousing toasts of Manishewitz accompanied by chest pounding cries of ‘mazel tov’. It will occur 1000’s of miles away, an historic milestone for our people. An Israeli space craft, Berashis, that left Earth on February 22, atop a Falcon 9 Rocket, technology permitting, will land in the Sea of Serenity on the moon. This $100,000,000 project, privately funded, puts Israel among only six other countries that have reached the lunar body. Talk about a Wow! moment to celebrate. Forgive the familiar trope of Auschwitz ashes, as a proud, defiant Jewish device with Hebrew lettering from Israel, sets down in space. A magnificent triumph by a remnant nation that now chants Hallel louder than Kaddish. What an exemplar for other nations. Surrounded by hostiles. Ostracized. Maligned. Vilified. Born in decimation, yet, not a wallower in self-pity. Not a weepy victim. Not a paralyzed, finger pointing blamer. Israel. The Jewish people are a miracle of history. On paper we should be long gone. Enslaved. Exiled. Ghettoized. Slaughtered. But here we are, at a launch pad in Cape Canaveral, looking into the heavens. Let those countries around the world who have also suffered. Also endured humiliation. Also, experienced exploitation. Let them not ring their hands in self-pity and beg pathetically for handouts. Let them learn industry. Discipline. Vision. Patience from a refugee nation, the bull’s eye of a 100,000 missiles, built on a swamp, built in a desert.

Mon, June 1 2020 9 Sivan 5780