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todays anti-semitism

11/14/2019 03:13:37 PM


Shalom Lewis, Rabbi Emeritus

This is the eightieth anniversary year of Kristallnacht arguably the official start of the Shoah. Jewish businesses were vandalized. Synagogues torched. Innocent Jews rounded up. This was raw, unapologetic anti-Semitism that ended in the destruction of European Jewry.


This assault was Kristal clear. Pathological. Savage. Today’s anti-Semitism however is bewildering. The binary evil of the bad old days is no longer helpful in defining our enemies today. A Holocaust denying, Israel hating regime in Teheran, yet an Iranian Jewish community in the thousands unthreatened. Palestinians wish to drive us into the sea yet trot out the ultra- Orthodox Satmar chassidim to rallies where these streimeled, useful idiots endorse gleefully a Judenrein agenda.


Members of our House of Representatives who endorse Brooklyn born Bernie Sanders, but speak of the Benjamins and spew anti-Jewish venom. And perhaps the greatest oddity of this alt neu hatred is that none claim to be anti-Semites. The term has become, thanks to the Third Reich a tag of shame that no one wishes as a label. Instead our detractors shun the epithet, though they remain loathsome, hiding behind politically correct identities such as anti-Zionists. Progressives. Pursuers of civil rights. Human rights. Social justice and equality for all. These bigots have crouched behind noble sounding crusades but have left out Jews and Israel in their misguided pursuit. At least White Supremacists are honest in their rage, sieg heiling proudly against Jews. Their counterparts are not as flagrant.


Jew hatred was easy in the old days to identify. Its wretchedness was brazen. But I guess if Buick can change and promote itself as ‘Not your grandfather’s Buick’, so too hatred of us can devolve into a puzzling mélange that would even have Hitler scratching his head.


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