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Zionism and israel

11/14/2019 03:22:09 PM


Rabbi Dan Dorsch

Quoting the Jewish satirist Ephraim Kishon, Israeli politician Yair Lapid wrote this past week that “The State of Israel wasn’t founded so that anti-Semitism would end. It was founded so that we could tell the anti-Semites to shove it.”


Why am I a Zionist? Why do I support the State of Israel? It’s not only because after our near annihilation that left our ancestors as refugees in DP camps across Europe, anti-Semites continued to close their doors.


I am a Zionist because I want to tell anti-Semites to shove it. I am a Zionist so that the world knows that the Jewish people, our amazing culture, and the celebration of our way of life, are here to stay.


I’ve said it before: It’s time for us to emerge from our East Cobb bubble. Yes, Anti-Semitism worldwide is on the rise. But as Kishon points out, we need to be honest: It’s also never gone away.


When Israel was founded, over one million more Jews became refugees because the Arab leaders of those countries equated their Jewish citizens, some of whom had been living there for centuries, with being enemies of the state. It’s one of the great untold injustices of history. No less than five years after the Holocaust, anti-Semitism made a million more Jews into refugees. Israel, thank God, was the place they had to go.


Watching missiles flow from Gaza into Israel, I can’t help but think about why this conflict is still happening. A constant state of war shouldn’t be the default. And so watching innocent civilians targeted in the hopes of killing Jews, may we finally call the missiles from Gaza what they really are, an act of anti-Semitism.


No matter how fancy you dress up an anti-Semite with a suit and tie in the United Nations, and no matter how many resolutions that anti-Semite gets to pass, may we please acknowledge that an anti-Semite will always be an anti-Semite?


There are almost certainly innocent, good, peace loving people living in Gaza. But time and again these are not the voices that have prevailed. Rocket attacks have.


It's hard not to be emotional about this stuff. Ultimately though, I choose to stand for the side that takes the high road, values human life, and peace.


That’s why I stand with Israel.


If the anti-Semites don’t like that, they can go “shove it.”

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