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Giving thanks

11/27/2019 11:12:56 AM


Shalom Lewis, Rabbi Emeritus

Her name was Yasmine. She was my Uber driver last week when I found myself in need of transportation. She pulled up to the house in a gray Toyota. I checked credentials. All was in order and off we went.


She was a beautiful woman, in her mid-twenties. Her dark hair was wrapped in a tidy kerchief and her outfit was quite stylish. We began to talk and at first, I could barely detect an accent but moments later I caught a telltale grammatical gaffe that hinted she was from a distant place. ‘Where are you from?’ I asked. She smiled and began to tell me her story.


With pride and with enthusiasm she told me of her journey as an African refugee to Chamblee U.S.A. ‘My family and I ran many miles from the violence of Sudan on foot. We made it, like a miracle, to Egypt where my family still lives. I applied and won the immigrant visa lottery and came to America. I spoke no English when I arrived six years ago. Knew no one but got a job as a nanny to three children. They taught me English and their mother taught me how to drive a car. They were very kind to me. Now I am a student at Georgia State and hope to graduate in another year. I bought a car with money I saved and support myself as an Uber driver. I cannot believe I own a car. I am also able to send money to my family in Egypt. Without my help I don’t know what they would do. I cannot believe my life here. Every day I kiss the ground of this blessed country. My dreams are coming true. I love America.’


My friends, we are all blessed and living the dream.


Happy Thanksgiving.

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