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A welcome from our Campaign Chairs

We are honored to be leading this campaign and excited to have each and every congregant join us and be a part of #RENEWAL2020. We like to call it “purposeful and pretty” as we work behind the walls while completing a cohesive look incorporating the aesthetic finishes from the Gelernter lobby into the Sanctuary and social hall. This amazing endeavor poises us for the future, allowing us to be more inclusive, more energy efficient and more cost effective on a daily basis.
Information about giving levels and construction highlights are below. Click here for a link to our letter to the congregation from November 2018. If you would like further details or want to set up a meeting, please contact Randy Figur or Cheryl Miller. Thank you in advance for being a part of Etz Chaim’s future and for your thoughtful and generous support of #RENEWAL2020.

Updates and Messages

Are You Up to the Challenge?

Help us Raise the Roof by Meeting the Challenge.  
We have a congregant who has challenged us to Raise the Roof over the next six weeks. This congregant has agreed to match 50% of every new and/or increased pledge made from now through April 5th (up to $200,000 of such pledges). That means if we can get new and/or increased pledges of $200,000 then we will actually have $300,000 in total dollars pledged. These funds will go a long way towards meeting our objectives.  
The objective of the Capital Campaign Committee is to reach at least 75% of our fundraising goal by April 5thto keep us on track and help us meet our goal of breaking ground in early June 2019. Remember that pledges can be paid out over 3 years.  
We want every congregant to be a part of this transformation for our future. Let's move the participation side of the ladder to 100% congregant participation. Please take a look at everything we are doing and think about how you can invest in the future of Etz Chaim. As we said in our original letter, this is our largest campaign ever and we truly need each and every congregant to give their "fair share" to make this a reality.  
If you need more information, please visit the website to see our highlights. To view our videos, click here. Or reach out to us by email to set up a presentation or to answer your questions.  
If you wish to make a gift, there are two ways you can do this:
For those wanting to fill out a hard copy, click here for a printable PLEDGE CARD and email to Marty Gilbert or mail to the synagogue office.
For those wishing to give ONLINE, please click here.
Cheryl and David Miller
#renewal2020 campaign chairs

View our videos for insight into our Campaign



Atlanta Jewish Times - December 7, 2018

Etz Chaim Kicks Off $4 Million Investment in Future

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