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Etz Chaim Preschool is proud to be a participant in the ALEF Fund, which was established in 2008 by the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta in response to the Georgia State Assembly's passing of the Education Expense Credit.
Here is a note from our Director of Education, Debbie Deutsch:
The ALEF Fund allows for us to give scholarships to all our Cool Cats. The scholarship is funded through Georgia families allocating their state income tax dollars to our pre-K class. The more people who allocate, the more money we will have available. You can register by clicking: make your allocation
Your allocation will need to be made by December 31st of this year and you will be approved for the amount you allocate. Once approved, you will need to pay that amount in January or February. You can then claim the tax credit when filing your 2020 taxes. Your allocation gets added to the money already collected. A small committee determines how to give out the money and I assure you, if history repeats itself, it will be at least 50% of your child’s tuition, either part of full time.
Here’s an example – I register on the website. I allocate $2500 of mine and Gary’s state tax, as we file jointly. In January, I’ll get a letter from the ALEF Fund telling me what I owe. (In year’s past, the state collection has exceeded the allowed amount, so we paid a percentage of the amount. I don’t anticipate that being the case, as the allowable amount is now $100 million state tax dollars.) Once I get that letter, I can pay online or use my credit card (or check) but it will need to be paid in full. I need to be prepared to lay out the money for my allocation. When I file my taxes in 2020, there is a line item for “state tax allocation (or maybe credit)” and I will fill in my ALEF amount. That will then add to my tax return or be deducted from what I owe. Allocations have limits and you do not need to allocate fully. Any allocation above $50, I believe, is welcome.
I hope this helps you understand the process. To date, we have $77,000 to distribute to Cool Cats families next year. We anticipate there being around 18 Cool Cats so feel free to do the math. And again, the more money allocated by all families (not just preschool families) the higher your scholarship amount. I urge you all to contribute. Feel free to share this with friends and families who pay GA state taxes as anyone can take advantage of this opportunity.
For additional information, click: Frequently Asked Questions
Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to speak with you about this at any time. Thanks for your support.
All the best,


Thu, August 18 2022 21 Av 5782